Actually how to unlock iPhone 8



The version of HomePod test firmware that Apple released last week has been leaked countless unpublished Secrets.New another one was brought up,which is related to iPhone 8,it is said that when the cell phone is flat on the table,its face recognition mechanism still can work.


The information sources comes from the blog site -iHelp,they believe that a section called "Pearl" in the firmware code is related to Apple's facial recognition mechanism,and found Pearl in which "rest" and "unlock" two keywords.


Though the news is not being confirmed,the discovery in the HomePod firmware confirm a news released by Bloomberg in July this year.Bloomberg says Apple is developing an "improved" facial recognition system about iPhone 8 that will replace the Touch ID,even when the smartphone is flat on the table,and it still could work.The report said, iPhone 8 facial recognition can identify capturing data points than the Touch ID,and make it more secure.


This is not the first time some people think that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with facial recognition device.When the news came out,many people worry about its practicality,and especially when the cell phone is flat on the table,it confuses us about how to unlock .

About how to unlock iPhone 8,whether there is no fingerprint has become the biggest mystery of this phone.According to the this setting of full screen ,this kind phone's fingerprint identification installation can not be placed in Mobile front screen,but the users also think that Apple will not put it Mobile phone back cover.According to the current progress,it is said that the screen fingerprint technology problems can not be mass production,so Apple may directly cancel the fingerprint recognition installation,and change it to facial recognition,but Samsung's face or pupil recognition experience is not much better (or Fingerprint recognition is faster).

About iPhone 8 at present,everything has become a very tangled cycle of death.