Fingerprint recognition Is behind iphone 8 mobile phone ?



Recently, the news continues to appear about iphone 8, and the Main dispute is about fingerprint identification.Before a lot of people thought that iPhone 8 mobile phone will be done fingerprint recognition in a positive hidden way.Because the fingerprint recognition is located in the bottom of the screen, and under normal circumstances it is not seen,but because of itsem technology and other issues,by the media leaks, Fingerprint recognition appears light leakage and other undesirable phenomena at the bottom of the screen.


However, the industry still hopes that the fingerprints identification will be placed on the front of Apple,even if it is at the bottom of the screen.


It not only released the design,but also released some real machine spy photos,and it said that the map was from the shipping company's security inspectors,because his job was in charge of carrying out a large cargo security,to ensure battery transportation safety.


Whether a design chart or the so-called spy photos,both of them have a common feature,that is to say,the screen are not the same as the rumors before,although the screen has a full screen design style,the proportion is not too high,and the border is still very wide,so that it is still not good looking.Besides,the top camera and the speaker's position are just compressed and there is no rumored 3D sensor.So whether it is credible,it is unclear.


If Apple uses a post-fingerprint identification,it will be the same as the Samsung S8,and it be regarded as a comprehensive screen and forced to "back", but the fingerprint identification will eventually disappear until a new security identification to replace,but within a short time,portrait recognition technology is not mature enough,becauses in the dark environment,the problem has not been resolved.


About Price of the latest iPhone,Just as foreign media reports,may be as analysts said before.The price of iPhone 8 is more than 1,000 US dollars (about 6800 yuan),However, the great discounts are offered by operators