New Style Smart Triangle Data Cable



Triangle Data Cable is also known as multi-function data cable,which is added to the combination of programs on the basis of original data cable.So that 3 in 1 usb cable can support a variety of devices,and eliminate the trouble of data lines that need to find frequently.


Speaking of mobile phone accessories,headphones, chargers, data lines and some "standard".However,with the development of smart phone,its features become more and more powerful,and mobile phone accessories are also toward a more intelligent and multi-functional direction.In a word, mobile accessories have been transformed into the perfect assistant for smart phones,and It enhanced smart phone function in all different the aspects of convenience,endurance and other ways, and finally it could be bring mobile phone users a more convenient mobile experience.


Speaking of data transmission,the first reaction of most users is to use data lines.And the role of the data line is to connect mobile devices and computers, and to achieve the purpose of data communications.Generally speaking,it is known as the access tool that is connected to the computer used to send bell images and other documents. Recently with the rapid development of the electronics industry,the data cable has become an indispensable part of our lives.The literal explanation is simple and it also is easy to use.But once the business trip,mobile phone data lines,mobile hard disk lines,tablet computer lines, and digital camera transmission lines etc must be in your own hand ,besides , The data line takes up a lot of space ,so I really expects that the data line to be universal! 


Now the idea appears,Shenzhen Focuses Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.released the "three in one" mobile phone data cable is definitely a good idea.

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